Potatoes are this season's must-have in star hangouts

hellomagazine.com We all know that celebrities love to dine in trendy, stylish restaurants, but have you ever wondered what’s topping the menu? A recent review of restaurants that boast a star-studded clientele has revealed that this season’s must-have food is the potato.

Glance at the menu in restaurants frequented by the likes of Cheryl Cole, Lady Gaga, Jude Law or the Beckhams – and potatoes reign supreme. From Italian-style gnocchi to French dauphinoise, from salads to tapas, and from mash to chips - potatoes are in vogue.

If you want to be on-trend in the kitchen this autumn without breaking the bank, you can give your friends the star treatment - or just treat yourself - by preparing a quick and easy potato-packed menu to impress.

Dress potatoes up French-style, like The Wolseley’s sophisticated Lyonnais potatoes - thinly sliced and pan fried. Or go for something classic, like the Ivy’s traditional Shepherd’s Pie, topped with soft, creamy mash.

So instead of fighting your way past restaurant hostesses or contending with a waiting list the length of your arm, use some easy recipes from www.britishpotatoes.co.uk to create a celeb-studded restaurant experience in your own home.

Click the links for the following star-style potato recipes made simple:

Shepherd’s Pie, inspired by a dish served at the The Ivy – favourite of Kate Moss and Daniel Craig
Landaise Chicken with Oven Lyonnaise-Style potatoes, inspired by a recipe served at The Wolseley – frequented by Cheryl Cole and Justin Timberlake
Roasted Cod With Castilian Potatoes, inspired by a speciality at Scott’s – visited by Lily Allen and Victoria Beckham
Smoked Haddock Fishcakes with Garlic Mayo, inspired by a dish served at Lounge 10, whose clients include lady GaGa and Katie Price

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