Strictly entre nous: Tess Daly shares her beauty secrets with

The 41-year-old TV presenter has to juggle Strictly Come Dancing, motherhood (to six-year-old Phoebe and Amber, 18 months), marriage to Family Fortunes presenter Vernon Kay and her burgeoning beauty line for Marks and Spencer.

But Tess Daly makes looking good and staying in shape sound a doddle – and it’s no wonder, when even her hair seems to be defying the laws of nature…

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I’m feeling good about ageing. I honestly believe the more you obsess, the more of a problem you make it. It becomes part of your mindset when there’s nothing you can do to change it. In fact, I feel better now than I ever have. I think there’s enough work out there for anybody. Just do the best job you can, work with passion and enthusiasm and enjoy what you do. Don’t beat yourself up about things that are inevitable. Celebrate your achievements and don’t obsess about what you cannot change.

I’d rather stay away from invasive procedures. I believe more in preserving what you’ve got. I haven’t used moisturiser that doesn’t contain SPF since I was 20 and have one now in my range, Daly Protect, with SPF12, £12. I work with illuminisers instead, such as my own Daly Light, £9.50, which gives skin a radiant glow with its light-reflecting particles. And when I need help, my can’t-live-without product is my own Daly Tint tinted moisturiser, £12. It’s more forgiving than foundation – easy to blend, you can’t see it on the skin yet it gives you that lovely translucence and glow. I’m not about to get a face full of filler because I just don’t think it looks very good.

I’ve got more hair now than I’ve ever had in my life since baby number two. My hairdresser, Mitch, can’t believe it and I’ve been working with him for six years on Strictly. [It’s usual for pregnant women not to shed hair as normal during pregnancy, although it should then fall out after birth. So we checked with Mitch and he said he couldn’t understand how, but Tess’s hair does seem to have stayed mysteriously thicker since becoming pregnant with Amber.] Clairol Herbal Essences Evershine Conditioning Gloss is brilliant for keeping it in good nick.

There was no baby damage. Yoga helps. But when you’ve got two kids and for 13 hours every day you’re literally on the go – I don’t want to sound like a martyr because I love it and I wouldn’t have it any other way – and the first time you sit down is dinner time, you do tend to burn it off. I’ve always been like that. But I’m very happy with two kids. I can’t say never because Pheobe and Amber weren’t planned, we have never planned it, but I’m very happy with two girls and I don’t want to be greedy.

I’ve told Ola I want to come back as her in my next life. And Flavia, too. The girls on Strictly show me how to walk and how to correct my posture. With dancers, it’s all about pulling the shoulders back and down and already your posture’s greatly improved. And they breathe from the stomach. It all helps hold in the bum and the tum. They have a very royal way of standing. From modelling, I’ve learned that when you’re posing, anything coming towards camera will look inordinately large. For example, if your head leans towards the camera, you’ll look like a lollipop with this huge head. Keep your chin down. And when in doubt, smile.

Daly Beauty now includes skincare and make-up and is available exclusively from Marks & Spencer stores and

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