Celebrity buys: how the other half live


With spring just around the corner, many of you will be dreaming up the ways in which you’ll be able to treat yourself this summer; perhaps a holiday, a makeover, a new car? Particularly considering that ISA season is soon approaching, it would be nice to have a distraction from all the big financial decisions you have to make in the upcoming months.

So, to help alleviate the pressure of getting to grips with your finances, we’re here with a few celebrity buys to prove that your spending plans are not as outrageous as you first thought. While you may be sitting at home thinking about your savings, bank or private pension schemes, they’re able to look for hovercrafts and rocking horses, here’s how the other half live…


Celebrity buys: how the other half live


Rupert Grint’s Hovercraft
That’s right, leaving his broomstick to one side, Rupert Grint has admitted that he loves nothing more than taking to a nearby lake on his hovercraft. Whilst most of us would opt for more conventional activities at the weekend, like a bike ride maybe, this Harry Potter star seemed to have other ideas… Still raking in the millions post-Hogwarts, Grint decided to use some of the money that he’s made from the films to buy himself a mini hovercraft, an item which he’d always wanted as a child. How magical!

Kelly Osbourne’s Manicure
Now ladies, next time you decide to treat yourself to a manicure, don’t feel guilty, as Kelly Osbourne’s pampering exploits take some ‘much needed TLC’ to a whole new level. Daughter to the Prince of Darkness himself, this lady is definitely used to being treated like royalty. Something which was demonstrated by the $250,000 manicure she sported at the 2012 Emmy Awards. Rather than taking a trip to her nearest beautician, Osbourne visited a luxury jeweller in LA, who provided her with the nail polish that consisted of approximately 267 carats in black diamonds. Glittering her way down the red carpet, she certainly shone out that evening.

Suri Cruise’s Shoes
Like dressing the kids up, but worry that you spend too much money? Feel that they grow up too fast, and that therefore you should skimp on the price of children’s clothes? Well, fear no longer! As Suri Cruise has a shoe collection that would put any woman’s wardrobe to shame. Valued at over $150,000, Miss Cruise has everything from custom-made Marc Jacobs’s footwear to even her own pair of heels. A far cry from the infamous black pumps you wore in primary school, Suri is, without doubt, the best dressed kid in the playground.

Baby Blue’s Solid Gold Rocking Horse
You may think that your kids are spoilt rotten, but have they ever been privileged with the luxury of a solid gold rocking horse? Thought not. The truth is, it’s not your average household essential is it? Food, check. Pram, check. Toys, check. Gold rocking horse? Maybe next time… However, for the likes of Beyoncé and Jay Z, this extravagance is at the top of the list. Costing approximately $600,000, this solid gold piece was designed especially by a Japanese jeweller for their baby Blue. If that doesn’t make her happy, then who knows what will!