Creating a cool office space

Making something cool isn’t always that attainable. You know it when you see it, but how do you actually get there?

Take an office for example. You walk in, and instantly know it’s cool. But the next trendy office space you see is cool too. It’s clear to anyone who spends any time in there. However, there are no similar features in each. They’re completely distinct; yet still retain that element of cool.






So, what makes a cool office? Whether you’re thinking of how any changes may affect your office insurance quotes, or you’re just thinking of a rebrand; here are a few tips that can help.

Think of the office aesthetic
It’s clear to see the pattern of the zeitgeist when it comes to the layout of offices. Where once the floor plan was made up of individual cubicles, now we see open plan offices everywhere. The trend amongst trendy office plans is now to have a collaborative space away from the traditional meeting room aesthetic. For creative thinking, you don’t need absolute quiet; just a space away from your desks where you can put your heads together. A few discussions may be going on at one time, but that’s OK. In cool offices all over the world, you always see an open collaborative space; the décor may change, but the idea remains the same.

Bring a sense of creation
It’s important to let employees create their own space. You may have heard about the Google offices being home to a roof garden where employees can look after their own plant. The idea is to let employees put something back into the space. Whether that’s looking after their own plant, or personalising their own space, the coolest offices don’t necessarily boast the best views or have the latest gadgets; they’re the ones which have spent the time to understand what the employees want from their office space.

Express yourself and your company
What’s cool about your company? What makes people want to do business with you? If you’re a creative agency, use the talent available to you and come up with some innovative ideas of how best to represent your brand in the space. If you’re a small start-up in the dot com tradition, a miss match giving the appearance of being cobbled together could be the way to go. For a professional ad agency, clean and contemporary should perfectly reflect the company’s image.

Convert unused structures
Everyone might be looking for that New York loft feel, or post industrial warehouse space in the UK. Creating something out of an unused space is a surefire way to develop a unique and individual space. Whether an old disused building (as is the trend in the re-development around the Shard in London) or a small unused room in your house for your home office; something out of nothing is always very cool. At least for now anyway.